This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on many variables.

First of all, it must be understood that Crocodile hides, like many resources, are commodities that fluctuates greatly with supply and demand.  The “price” of a Crocodile hide will go up if the supply is down and the demand is high, and drop vice-versa.

Here are some of the things that will all affect the price of a Crocodile hide:

Raw or Tanned – Do you want a raw Crocodile hide, or do you want a finished tanned Crocodile hide?  The tanning process you require will change the cost – some are more expensive than others.  If you are not capable of tanning the hide yourself, it is highly recommended that you allow a professional hide tanner with the right equipment, time, and tanning solutions to tan the crocodile hide for you.

Belly or Back? -  All crocodile leather hides cut lengthwise, leaving two cuts:  a Belly cut and a Back cut.  This will affect the price, so you should be absolutely sure if you’re purchasing a belly skin or a back skin when you make a purchase.  Remember: getting what you need will be more important than the cost.  Nothing will be worse than getting a large order of Crocodile hides shipped, only to find out they’re not the right type!

What Species? – There are many legal, tradeable species of Crocodile.  There are also Alligators and Caimans which have similar skins with slight variations.  One of the largest, best crocodiles for leathermaking is the Nile Crocodile, with the males growing between 11 ft (3.5m) long and the females over 8 ft (2.5 m) long.

What grade? – Crocodile skins are usually measured by their Grade, which will determine

Ask yourself: What are you using the Crocodile leather for?  Are you crafting products, exotic upholstery, or wall mounting the hide?  Your individual needs will differ based on what you intend to do with the hide.

Often, calling tanneries direct will demand large purchases for material that you may not get to see up-front.  They will also try to get the highest price possible since they are likely specializing in that skin.  If you have never purchased wholesale crocodile leather before, I would suggest contacting an exotic leather broker who understands the current market climate before making a purchase with the first tannery you’ve spoken with.  A good exotic leather broker can get you a better price for your skins due to the relationships they have made with the farmers and tanneries – saving you both time and money.  Use our inquiry form to reach our global supplier for the best crocodile leather hides.