Cleaning most Crocodile leather is going to be just like cleaning most any kind of leather never use anything that contains an oil, a wax, dyes, or silicones.

Be careful with most kinds of cleaning wipes sold – many contain chemicals that will ruin the finish on finished leather, leaving it with a substandard texture and color.  You will want to use a water based cleaner that is designed specifically for leather or take it to a leather cleaning professional.

If you’re simply trying to remove a spot, first attempt to use a rag dampened with a little water.  Add a little moisturizing soap if you would like, but nothing that contains harmful alkalies like baby wipes.  Pat it dry and allow it to dry entirely.   Check and see if it still needs cleaning.

If the leather is very dirty or stained, I would recommend getting a professional leather cleaning solution or visiting a local professional leather cleaner.

Make sure you clean the surface dirt and oils off on a regular basis with a water-based cleaning solution!

Crocodile Leather